Back when pubs were still open, four of us met to chat over a beer about about how we could engineer and market the worlds’ best BBQ.  With two engineers and two marketeers, we did think we were up for the challenge!  What we didn't expect was a Coronavirus pandemic mid product development and launch - but nothing could hold us back, we just learned new skills, did everything ourselves, and cracked on.

We had set ourselves a very exacting criteria for a luxury, superbly engineered, stunning and exclusive BBQ grill.  A sublime mixture of art, form and functionality.


It had to look the business, to make a serious statement.  The King had to have presence, be big, bold and beautiful – a centre point for any social gathering, an adornment for the finest of gardens. It also had to cook like a dream.


No cutting corners, this 'bad boy' is here to stay. The enthusiasm of our team could not be rivalled.  Imaginations were running overtime, notes were hastily scribbled in the middle of the night, Zoom meetings were a daily event.  We sparked the excitement in each other, challenged every little detail, pushed boundaries to excel.


With the spec in mind being 'the best BBQ in the world', materials used in the finished product had to be of the highest specification.  We wanted a product that with a minimum amount of maintenance, could sit in the garden all year round and look as good as the day that it was delivered. We tested and selected premium grade stainless steel and brass.  At 185kg the King of Fire Balthazar is not going to blow over in a high wind!  This is bad boy is here to stay.


We are keen to be green, burning wood is harmless to the environment up to the point where you create smoke. To solve this problem we have incorporated an afterburner that burns the smoke and soot as it heats so that smoke is not billowing out of the BBQ as it burns.  As soon as the temperature builds sufficiently (after about 10-15 minutes) the majority of the smoke is burned off.  This means the cook and their guests can stand around cooking together without getting smoke in their eyes, hair and clothes, a much more pleasant way to BBQ.


Once we got some momentum, the clever bits just kept coming!  The reason why the King of Fire “Looks as good as it Cooks” is also due to the ability to regulate the burn / heat.  The shinny brass centre ring in the middle of the BBQ turns to regulate airflow into the combustion chamber.  This controls the speed of burning fuel and therefore the heat.  Across the mild steel cooking surface the ring is hotter in the centre than on the outside so food can be positioned as it cooks.  Perfect for relaxed cooking.

Nobody likes cleaning up, we had to bear this in mind to make the worlds best BBQ of course.  So, all waste from the King is simply scraped into the combustion chamber and it burns off. You simply rub down the cooking surface with a damp cloth whilst still warm, and then rub with oil, ready for the next party.


All four of us in the team are from the North East.  We wanted the King of Fire to have local provenance and so we feel that it’s important that we manufacture the King, in the local area and create local jobs. We can also ensure that our craftsmen & women manufacture it with the love and attention to every detail that it deserves.  The hand finishing of this BBQ is time consuming, this really is a labour of love.


Because of the time taken on each item, we can only make a limited number.  The King of Fire is exclusive.  It is not for everyone, and it is not designed to be for everyone.  This is a special product made for those with an eye for beauty and passion for excellence. 

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The King of Fire is big, bold and beautiful. A focal point for social grilling, creating magic moments with friends and family. An all-weather centre-point for the most fantastic of gardens. The ultimate BBQ for the most discerning of customers.

The best BBQ in the world? We think so!



Jewellery for the garden,

made to last



Hand-finished with love in

North-East England




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King of Fire

Dobson House

Newcastle upon Tyne


United Kingdom